How to Find a Coding Tutor

Finding a friendly and qualified coding tutor shouldn’t be a challenge. However with more than a handful of platforms listing coding tutors the process can get hazy and slow. Add the fact that most coding tutors probably do this on the side and not full-time, scheduling sessions can be another challenge. Here are some of the ways you can go about finding your next coding tutor.

  • Google Search
  • Tutoring Websites
  • Coding Help/Tutoring Sites
  • Craigslist

Google Search

Pros: View the most popular and up to date tutoring platforms, services.

Cons: It can be cumbersome trying to filter and screen for the right platform then atutor.

Tutoring Websites

Pros: View ratings. Search by speciality and possibly location.

Cons: Finding the right tutor and and then starting your first session can take time and be frustrating. Most of the sites below seem to have made the process of finding and working with a tutor too complicated.

Top Tutoring Sites (That Offer Code Tutoring)

h (In-Home Tutoring Option Available) (Affordable Foreign Tutors)

The list goes on and one. Most of the tutoring platforms don’t seem to be very distinguishable.

Code Tutoring Platforms (My Site)

https://CodingHelp.Org (This Site)

Code Mentor has a great selection of Tutors. They are well established and know what they are doing. However the process of getting help can still be a bit hazy. Avan Tutor on the other hand is much simpler. It’s one tutor that you can chat with at any time without logging in or providing any information to start. It’s fast and straightforward. However the help is limited to basic Java and Web-Development.

Coding Tutors on

Apparently also provide coding tutoring. However I could not find any distinguishable features that would make it stand out from the rest of the tutoring platform crowd.

Coding Tutors on Craigslist

Pros: Possibility of finding a great tutor at a great rate.

Cons: Can be risky since it is hard to verify a track record.

Craigslist is hit or miss. It is possible to find a great tutor with affordable rates but you have to do your homework. Make sure the ad provides you with information that you can verify such as a LinkedIn profile link or links to external tutoring sites where the tutor has established a profile. Additionally, make sure the tutor offers a introduction session and or doesn’t charge before your first session.


When it comes to finding and getting code tutoring there does not seem to be clear winner. Most of the sites mentioned above offer similar services with similar prices. You also have an option of posting an ad either on, craigslist (not recommended) or here and let the right tutor come to you. It’s a great option if you are not time constrained. And in case you need help with basic Java or Web-Development fundamentals I can also help. Just visit https://AvanTutor.Com and submit a ticket or chat with me through the sites chat box.

In any case; I wish you good luck with your code tutoring search.

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